Laptopbefore When you think of wacky redheads, do you think of me?  Well wonky karma has descended upon me like the wonderful coastal fog that keeps us cool here.  It all began Friday, I was innocently driving home after work on a lovely country lane, the cool breeze coming through my open auto windows.  About halfway through my rendition of Material Girl, I heard a loud POP and then clunk.  Holy crap, what the hell?  My tire POPPED!  Like a freaking balloon.  Mother f*cker.

In the scheme of tragic events in the world, this wasn’t in the top 1,000,000 so I called AAA and waited.  Because my luck is not totally and completely sucky, I had my Rowan Ash sweater in the backseat for the wait.  There are worse things than knitting under a shady tree for an hour while waiting for AAA.  I was right by the corn maze to give you Sonoma County-ans some local color.

When I got home, I decided to have a glass of wine and put my completed laptop bag into the washer to felt up.  I’m not a huge felting fan and last time I felted something it took about 4 times through the hot wash.  Wine, hot water wash.  YOU guessed it.  I apparently knitted this laptop bag from the wool voted "Most likely to felt" by it’s sheepy Laptopafterclassmates.

Lucy, you got some splainin’ to do…My ginormous knitted shroud has become a tiny little, fluted top thing that doesn’t even cover my laptop.  One more time…mother f*cker!

So what does one do with a tiny little bag for your 4 month old laptop?  Should I cut it up and make coasters?  Make it into a halter top of very itchy proportions?  Throw it unceremoniously in the trash?  I haven’t decided what to do, but I’m hoping by sharing my wacko story, my luck will change for the better.  I mean, I only bought 2 new tires so I’m living on the edge.


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  1. Oh, bummer about the tire. Had that happen on a Sunday afternoon in Nebraska once — miles and miles from anything, talk about a corn maze. Pre-dated cell phones, too — yikes, what a memory!
    My laptop bag hardly shrank at all. What dimensions did you end up with??? Mine’s way too big…

  2. 1. Chop into small pieces.
    2. Stuff into empty wine bottle.
    3. Bury outside the corn maze.
    4. Stand with needles crossed above head.
    5. Chant “Felting is evil” three times.
    6. Walk away hoping angry tire gods are appeased.

  3. I say put a nifty edging on the top, add a handle, and make it a messenger bag.
    So sorry about the tire! I’m always afraid of that myself….if not my own, then somebody just in front of me who has to slam on their brakes or whatever. Igh.

  4. Too bad about the tire! 😦
    What if you lined the bag and made some kind of padded flap out of the lining fabric? Not sure if that would work, but, it might salvage the project. Love the colors, btw.

  5. YaHA! That tire popping noise is the WORST – glad to hear you are OK…
    I vote for making a tight garter stitch *Flap* for the Gap. I put a knitted edge on a vest I made and you might be able to ease in the flare. Oh, in the pick-up-and-knit arsenal for post-felted trims: an ice pick to work into the center of too felty stitches. You could get some frustration worked out stabbing it that way, too.

  6. Poor you with the tire! At our house, the bad luck lasts through at least 3 things. When we break a dish, we need to grab a few more out of the cupboard and just get it over with! πŸ˜‰ But surely a redhead has better luck than that… Good luck with your bag problem.

  7. Your crafty self ought to have some coordinating fabric that you could use as a piece of insertion. Use a medium interfacing on your fabric, cut the felt (maybe 1/3 down?), and stitch fabric to felt. You were going to line the bag anyway, right?
    Hubby came up with some great ideas too: 1) sew a canvas bag, cut felt and attach as accent panels; 2) using bag as it exists, “cut a sweetheart neckine on the front and put spaghetti straps” (elastic) on it to hold the laptop in.
    What kind of yarn did you use?

  8. So sorry about the tire!! And that the bag is too small! Surely something can be done, I think it looks fabulous! Can you just turn it into another bag? And btw, what yarn did you use! I just love the colors!

  9. At least, it was cooler when the tire went. Plus you weren’t on the freeway or anything.
    I love how the colors worked out. I agree with the make a bag idea. You put too much work into it to just toss it.

  10. I had limited success with a bag which felted more than I wanted by soaking it in hair conditioner and then pulling and tugging it to a more reasonable size. That might work for you although I think adding a strap to it and turning it into a purse is a good idea.

  11. Did you knit it out of Lamb’s Pride? Because that’s what I used for my laptop case and it, too, felted FAST! Although mine shrank more in girth than length. You could cut a slit handle like they show in the pattern and use it as a tote, or knit and felt a flap to sew on, maybe with the stripes going the other way?

  12. Looks to me like you’ve started your Xmas presents in plenty of time…stick an i-cord strap on it and wa-la.

  13. Gawd, glad you’re ok after the tire blowout – whew that was a horrible waker-upper. Hmm, about the bag? Have a contest/(if you want to)giveaway?

  14. How sad… stupid overfelting yarn. Do you have any leftover yarn? Maybe you could make an additional flap that would fold over to cover the exposed laptop bits?

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