Ribbons and gables


I know my laptop bag needs further work, but I’m mad at it and have thrown it into a dark corner to think about it’s bad deeds.  I thought now is a good time to pop my head into my knitting basket to see what else is in progress.  See, I don’t really recall what’s been underway all too clearly.  I like the starting, not so much with the finishing.

Happily I discovered the start of my Green Gable top made of Tess Yarns Microfiber ribbon.  This fabulous stuff was gifted to my by the lovely Carolyn.  She claimed she’d never use it and destashed my way.  I love this ribbon stuff, it’s got a beautiful drape and is really cool against your skin.  The only special handling it needs is that you have to hand wind each hank of ribbon into a ball by hand.  I put it in a zip-lock with the corner snipped off and pull it out of there.  GablelaceIt doesn’t roll around and keeps the ribbon from flopping off the ball.

Green Gable is a top down pattern, great when  you’re substituting yarn and don’t know how long you’ll be able to make something.  I think I’ve got plenty, but it’s nice to know that it’ll still be wearable if it’s just a bit shorter.  I plan on knitting the body until the yarn runs out.  When I picked this out of the basket yesterday, I’d knit the lace part and sleeves and have about 1" of body done.  Easy knitting from here on in.  Just round and round with a bit of waist shaping.  Should be a quick and easy little project to finish.  AND it’s not too small, I tried it on to be sure.  Bastard laptop bag.


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  1. I’d love to know what pattern mods you did no this to make the gauge of the ribbon yarn work. I’ve got plenty of the ribbon yarn and this pattern, but no will to do the math.

  2. The ribbon is lovely, that will be a pretty top – glad you’ve got enough yarn! Bloody laptop bag! It’s not funny it’s the wrong size, obviously, but swearing at it somehow is!

  3. I felted a purse today that came out a bit “shorter” than I had intended. With nothing to lose, I grabbed while it was still wet and pulled and tugged and got probably two more inches in height. You might try getting your computer bag wet and just pulling and tugging on it. Since it was much taller originally than my purse, it may be you’ll be able to get the length you need pretty easily.

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