Lacy bits

Cimg0322 The lace, she begins.

I’ve never been a lace knitter, nothing against all those little holey bits and things.  Just never did it.  Until now.  I’ve begun my Icarus Shawl and all is well so far.  Icarus is in Interweave Summer 2006 by Miriam Felton.  A nice pattern for a lace newbie like me.

What is that incredible yarn I’m using you ask?  That is Sundara’s Somewhat Solid, Tomato over Orange colorway.  Despite being a star pupil in my online Photoshop class, this photo doesn’t do the luminous yarn justice.  It’s 100% silk laceweight.  I can hear you all sighing right now.  You understand.  This is the yarn I won by donating to my sister’s MS Ride.  Talk about a great prize!  Thanks Sundara and Claudia.  I love it so much the earth moved.  No wait, that was just an earthquake.


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  1. hahaha … you’re so funny! I’ve been waiting for the right colour of that lace weight silk yarn for me to come up. Your tomato/orange Icarus would be stunning.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.
    You had a 4.4 earthquake? Yikes. I know that’s nothing for a Californian, but we had one that was a 4.0, I think, several years back, and it was pretty impressively scary.

  3. That looks like an incredibly sexy and slinky knit. I swear it looks like she’s even LOUNGING on that skein of yarn, like she’s posing for the camera. This is going to be one hot number!

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