Gable time

The Green Gable, she makes the progress.  Knitting this pattern up so far has been rather easy and fun.  I really like working stockinette in the round so this is my cup of tea.  To remind you, I’m knitting this pattern with Tess Yarns microfiber ribbon rather than the cotton yarn specified in the pattern.  I got gauge and it’s pretty loose and drapey, but I like the way it looks and I’d wear a tank top underneath it anyway so I’m not to worry about nipple flash.

GableAs always when I substitute yarn, I usually don’t think I’ll have enough to finish the project.  Lest you think I’m just being paranoid, often times I really don’t have enough because I’m a dork like that.  Carolyn gave me this ribbon (thanks – it’s my fave) and I have two hanks.  Since I didn’t know how much that would knit up to be I favored a top down pattern, figuring I’d at least have an Olivia Newton-John Physical half-shirt (oh you’re so going to be singing that all day) as a worst (really worst) case scenario.  Good news, two hanks of ribbon is plenty for this top (I’m making the medium).  I’ve still got tons of yarn left in my ziplock baggie.

The picture above shows the top laid upon a representative tank top for length comparison purposes.  I’m planning on lengthening this top from the pattern dimensions until it’s almost as long as this tank or until I run out of yarn.  It’s looking good for my plan so far.  Because I’m making it longer than specified, I’ll be adding some increases for the hips because this curvy girl wants to be able to get this over her curvy bits and have it lay flat.  Wish me luck and enough yarn!


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  1. What a difference a variegated yarn makes in this design. It looks great! (And I’m just a little bit sorry you WILL have enough yarn. C’mon…the Olivia Newton John’s Let’s Get Physical look was sizzlin’. What about the headband?)

  2. I was hoping this project would work out well. I’ve got some of that yarn marinading in my stash because I didn’t really want to make another sleeveless tank, but I didn’t have a good idea for it. That pattern does seem to work well with the variagation!

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