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Burda2 One of my favorite sources for sewing patterns is Burda Mode magazine.  This is the same company as Burda sewing patterns, but the patterns in the magazine aren’t in the Burda sewing patterns that you buy at the fabric store.  I subscribe to the Burda Mode magazine and it has fashion layouts and then they include the sewing patterns in the magazine.  These are the patterns you have to trace off and add seam allowance to.  The Burda patterns from the fabric store are traditional sewing patterns that are on that crazy wrinkly tissue paper and already have seam allowances.

Okay got that straight now?  It’s a tad confusing, but they seem to know what they’re doing.  Burda1I find the Burda patterns have less ease in them than the American sewing patterns and are consequently easier to fit.

If you’re interested in trying out a Barda Mode pattern without buying the magazine, I notice on their site that they now offer patterns you can download, tape together, add seam allowances to and cut out.  Seems like alot of trouble, but they really are nice patterns.  The site offers free patterns and not free patterns.  Read the download tips if you’re going to print one up because you have to fiddle with your printer’s settings to make the print scale come out okay and they are many many pages long.  I had to make sure to tell my printer not to scale up the pattern to fit the 8 1/2 x 11" paper we’ve got here in the US.  They have you print a test page (usually the last page of the pattern pdf) and measure the test square to see if it’s 4 cm big.  That’s were the fiddling comes in.  I think it may be easier to trace the pattern off the sheets that come with the magazine, but if you’re just testing the waters of Burda Mode you can’t do better than free.  Buena suerte!


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  1. I first took a look at the Burda magazine at your suggestion, and you are right on the money about it! I’ve yet to try out one of the patterns, but what I like about them is the little details on the designs they include that you don’t find on others. There’s a jacket in last year’s Burda I’d like to try this summer…
    Do you get the same Burda in the States that we get in Europe?

  2. I have a lot of the original Burda sewing patterns that first came out, and they didn’t have seam allowances, you had to add your own. I liked this because I could add what worked for me. I still hang on to older copies of Burda’s magazine because there are (as Becky mentions) a lot of little details that are interesting. So I keep the mags for inspiration.

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