Flowery flower power

I’vShawle been a bit preoccupied by being an online coed.  Not it’s not some weird chatroom thing, I was taking Photoshop online during the summer session so everything was compressed into 8 weeks instead of the usual 16.  Keeping up was the hardest part and I just finished my last lesson and final project last night (late).  Yippee!  I know this hasn’t improved the quality of pix on this blog, but happily I’m signed up for the next part of this class.  You’ll see a difference yet!

That was a long explanation as to why there has been little noticeable progress on the Icarus Shawl and no progress on Green StonemountainGable.  I will attempt to distract you with pictures of fabric I bought.  I’d thought I’d copy emulate Fluffa Becky by working on my version of this Anthropogie top.  I’d thought I’d find some nice stretch sateen, draft a pattern and off we go.  I drove down to Stonemountain and Daughter in Berkeley as they have the most superior fabric selection ever.  Sadly, they were having an event and the upstairs was inaccessible and the rest of the store was crazy busy.  Ick.  BrownflowerProfessional shopper that I am, I still came how with a few things.

The chrysanthemum print above is the stretch sateen but It’s way too heavy to make a summery top.  I knew that at the time, but it was the only one I liked.  Then yesterday I went to Joann and found this brown kind of retro cotton calico print with this Anthro top in mind.  No stretch, but what the hell.  Maybe I’ll add side panels of elastic smocking (I bought elastic thread for the bobbin too).  I may still make a top inspired by the Anthro one, but this fabric may not want to be that…it may be a looser tie tunic top with fluttery sleeves.  Speak to me fabric.


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  1. Oooh, I like that Anth. top! But how would you draft a scoopneck like that? Just draw really, really carefully? Or are there tools? All I can think of are s-curves and other architectural things like that, but maybe there are sewing-specific accessories?

  2. I lurve that fabric. Fluttery sleeves would be so nice with that dainty flower print.
    And it cracks me up how you want the fabric to speak to you…I swear I do the same. I *need* for the fabric (or yarn) to want to be a certain something or it just doesn’t work.

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