Oh Rebecca…

Rebecca1 Why do you do this to me Rebecca Magazine?  You make me love this new sweater you coquettishly name #6 Jacket with Lacy Frills, THEN I look at the gauge.  26 stitches per 4".  THEN look at the crazy expensive and luxurious yarn and think, no no, you’re out of my league.  THEN come those enablers at Elann.  You offer up an inexpensive wool alternative in a plethora of fabulous shades.  I get rosewater.  10 skeins.  I’ve really lost my head.  Do yourself a favor and stay away from this Rebecca Magazine.  Far away.  I’ll be knitting this tiny yarn sweater until I’m old and gray (not that I’d ever let that gray hair show through dammit).  Away!


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  1. Quite a pretty sweater there S! And I think your advice will have the opposite effect on some of us and we will actually run! to look at this issue and then click away at the Elann site and well…. (Hee hee) Seriously, a very nice sweater.

  2. a) you are posting up a storm lately m’dear.
    b) you and i are both insane. i haven’t knit a stitch in at least a month but i spent over $150 on yarn last night.
    c) we know how much yarn i already own.
    d) we know how much yarn you already own.
    conclusion of above: what in the fucking hell is wrong with us.

  3. That’s a great sweater and I love the color of the yarn you picked out. But I must say.. I have a love/hate relationship with Elann!!! I have dumped so much money there.. and it’s all because I do not possess the fortitude to withstand the yarn/low prices there! Now see.. after looking at the shawl pattern there.. I can hear the yarn goodness saying .. buy me .. buy meeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Oh … you got the new Rebecca already? I am not too excited about Rowan 40 … but Rebecca 32? I MUST HAVE IT! That’s a lovely sweater that you fell for, honestly. There are so many lovely patterns to look forward to in this issue! I am not going to stay away from it … not at all!

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