Pizza and yarn


Despite taking my Icarus shawl everywhere I go, I’m only through the second repeat of five in the second section and really can’t show all y’all such a dull, boring picture of bupkis.

I did fly down to Long Beach this weekend (and brought my knitting – didn’t really knit though) to visit my dear friends.  We went to their local farmer’s market at the marina.  I went a bit produce crazy.  I bought figs, heirloom tomatoes and tuberoses.  I found this great recipe for a fig and carmelized onion pizza that made great use of the edible ingredients.  I don’t cook often, but when I do, step back!  TJoe’s pizza dough is the best.

IPinkyarn also received the yarn I ordered from Elann last week.  Remember, I did warn you not to open that new Rebecca magazine.  I’m sure some did not heed my warning.

The yarn is Elann Collection – Devon 100% wool (unshrinkable – okay) with a gauge of 25 sts/32 rows to 10cm/4" in the rosewater color.  Yeah, crazy small gauge.  This could be a mistake but it’s really not expensive, so it won’t be too costly if I don’t finish this sweater. Evah.  I do like the color, very gentle and not too pinky.  It’s really a roll of the dice whether this puppy will get made though isn’t it?


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  1. How soft is the devon? I’ve been on the fence about buying it. Sometimes virgin wool is still a bit scratchy, y’know?
    I do love the color you picked — it will look fab on you!

  2. Wow, that pizza looks delicious! I have no idea what to do with figs. The onions look nice & caramelized though….I’m getting hungry just looking at it. I’m curious about the softness of the Devon too.

  3. Well I just might have to get some of the Devon – gosh! what gorgeous colors and the price is great. Gotta hand it to ya, you’re a very smart shopper and thanks for the yarn flash.

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