Corn is Maze

Pinkswatch Oh.

I couldn’t wait.

I busted into the Elann Devon and started a-swatchin’.  I got gauge first time with a 3mm bamboo needle (bought in Paris as a "souvenir").  Gauge the first time?  I’m suspicious.  The good part of the Rebecca sweater I bought this yarn for is that it begins with casting on 36 stitches and knitting a crosswise waistband.  The budding yarn bit you seen in the photo is the start of this band.  It should be 13 cm wide and it IS!  This sweater I’m so skeptical about may actually see the light of day.  Sometime…Cornmaze

To give you something (anything really) more interesting to look at than a swatch, I snapped this drive-by picture of the beginning of our local corn maze.  It’s right off the highway and as the corn gets higher the traffic on the freeway starts to slow down to look at the corn growing.  Pathetic ain’t it.  I shall try to snap some progress shots as the corn grows so we can all enjoy the spectacle.


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  1. I always wanted to go to the corn maze in Paso Robles, but I never made it! Hey, do you like your little orange camera? I think my little orange camera just died. I am so sad.

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