Nickel Slots

Vegaswindow_1 Landed in Las Vegas this evening for four days of work (aka shopping) at Magic and WWIN.  It IS fun, but alot of work.  It was 97 degress at 8pm and this is the view from my hotel window.  I’d like to say I made this picture "arty" looking on purpose, but it was an accident and I just like the way it looks.  The Bellagio dancing fountain is right across the street.  Can’t hear the music but can see the dancing spouts.

Knitting-wise, I’ve brought my Icarus shawl with me.  Probably won’t have much time work on it, but best to have it near by just in case.  I had a bit of a setback with the Icarus, I’d taken it to our company picnic and worked about 1".  I looked at the work when I got home and it sucked high and hard.  I’d made two mistakes and I can’t live with those so I’ve ripped back about an 1" and am now where I started.  Kind of like gambling, pay, lose, win, and lose again.  You have fun, but it’s not really about winning.

I’ll hope to have a trend report for Spring and Summer 2007 for those interested in such things.