Oh you crazy trends

Funkyfloral I diligently cruised the aisles of WWD Magic to suss out trends for all those inquiring minds out there.  What can you expect the next few seasons?Colors

Color Talk:  there was still tons of brown out there, and I was really surprised to see it.  Brown was combined with grassy greens, teals and aquas and it looked really pretty.  Black is of course still very prevalent and was combined with really bright 1960’s and 70’s prints.

Prints:  retro retro retro…there were the Pucci inspired prints everywhere.  FabricThere were big flowers, paisley, geometrics.  Really fun.  The other big look was small, delicate, very sweet prints, but with a vintage feel.

Looks:  baby dolls dresses, tunics and more tunics and wrap dresses.  Skirts seemed to be about knee length and junior showed little hoochie minis (big surprise).  Tees had lots of tone on tone line drawings and graphic art.  Wrap_dress Shoes were mostly round toes and skinnier heels.  Skinny jeans were all over and luckily enough wide leg pants were still very popular.  I saw NO gauchos and no ruffled blouses.  That trend seems to be DONE.  I did see eyelet, swiss dot and really heavy big lacy eyelet in blouse, dresses and tunic tops.

When I get home I’m going to start sewing up tunics and 70s looking dresses since that sassy style is just my thing!  Skinny jeans and leggings are going to be given a wide berth.  These photos are to give you a general idea about the prints I’m talking about–not for styles…


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  1. I love those Diane von Furstenburg (berg?) dresses, ‘coz of course I cut my teenage teeth on them — they are so very slimming and great-looking. EXCEPT. I have poor posture, and therefore when I sit, I’m gapping out all over the place. I guess I’d need some of those tapes, which means: No. Too fussy. I have a hard enough time getting dressed and out of here in the morning. So darn. I’ll probably buy one and wear it to one luncheon or something, and then it’ll sit in my closet forever more.

  2. I’m lovin’ those prints! You guys got it going on. These trends are so different from the ones we got over here for the next few seasons. No bold prints. We’ve got art deco, “luxury cruise” 20s/30s looks, geometric shapes, black and white, blouses with frills, ruffles, “ethnique” travel looks, particularly those from Havana and Mexico, among others. I’ll take a look at my notes and send you the other trends via email.

  3. So, yet another bad year fashionwise for us short, “curvy” girls (except maybe the wrap dresses). This is why I need to learn to sew better. Sigh.

  4. You know how I feel about those skinny jeans, yuck! I love the retro Pucci prints, especially on something like a DVF wrap dress. Wrap dresses are everywhere… I want to live in them this Fall, one in every color!

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