Gable gable gable

Greengable I finally finished my Green Gable!

After much procrastination and delay, I picked this project up and finished it in about a day and a half.  How’s that for being a lame ass.  A day and a half of not too much work and it’s done.  Oh well, I’ll let that go.

Okay let’s get down to details.    The pattern is Green Gable from  The pattern called for Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece but I used Tess Yarns Microfiber Ribbon.  I know what you’re thinking, those yarns are completely and totally DIFFERENT!  But my thinking was that I had the Microfiber Ribbon (a gift from Carolyn btw) and did not have the Cotton Fleece.  Hence, give it a try, no?Greengablelaydown_2

The Microfiber Ribbon knits up to be very shlinky and shexy, in my opinion.  I love this ribbon for that very reason.  There’s a very pretty shine to it and the garment feels cool when you wear it.  Yum, especially since those hot fall days are coming up that are the real summer in the San Francisco area.  The hot weather’s coming baybee!

The only modification I made (other than totally changing the yarn) is making the body a bit longer so I don’t flash the world my bits and pieces when I bend over.  Gable on!


Yarn:  Tess Designer Yarns Microfiber Ribbon – 2 skeins with some leftover; knit on size 8 needles

Pattern:  Green Gable from Zephyrstyle


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  1. Wow, wow, wow. I loooooooove how it looks in that variegated yarn! It looks so good on you. Perfect fit, as always. It’s very inspiring how you take yarns not many knitters would consider using for a project, and just whip that suck-ah OUT, even better than the original. Of course, I ‘spect no less from THE SIL!

  2. I love your Gable! I just finished one today as well. I used Bamboo yarn and I made mine longer too. I also spaced out the decreases by 6 rows and knit a few inches and then added a couple increases. I love the yarn you used.

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