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HorizonsAfter the fit of glory I had finishing the Green Gable, wearing it to work and having my coworkers proclaim me a "genius", I’ve really been resting upon my laurels and have nothing good to show y’all.  I finished another repeat on chart 2 (aka my nemesis – 3 repeats out of five completed thank you very much) on my Icarus shawl.  Big whoop.  Not yet deserving of a picture.  The corn maze has grown 1.5 FEET since last week – that deserves a picture but couldn’t safely take one at 70 mph.

So what’s a blogger to do?  I could mention that THE Yarn Harlot, Ms Stephanie will be in the bay area on Saturday!  She’ll be at Full Thread Ahead in Los Altos on Saturday afternoon.  Yeah!  I’ve yet to make it to one of her gigs and will happily drive the long ass way.  Is anyone out there also planning to go?  I know hundreds of people will be there (literally), but I don’t "know" them…

I am intrigued by the new yarn I see in the latest Phildar magazine.  (And because I sometimes forget to say, I get my Phildar magazines at Knit N Tyme in lovely Canada.  They’re the best, imho.)  It’s called Horizons and they seem to combine the solids with the variegated shades and make pretty combos.  Guess why this is my favorite colorway?  Hmm…veddy intteressstting…I can’t get anymore Phildar yarn until I finish the last little itty bit on my shearling sweater.  I hate knitting with that nubbly shearling yarn, but I love the result.  Life is so like that.


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  1. Oh, I so wanted to go and see Ms. Stephanie, long drive and all, but now I am taking a GS training that afternoon until 4, and surely by the time I would arrive all of the seats would be gone. The weekend has gotten too jam-packed with other things, also. I hope you have fun if you go!

  2. Those colors together are simply scrumptious and sing a mighty Siren Song to the Sisterhood of RED(heads) out there.
    I might have to sing a verse or two of that myself…
    You will have a ball with the Assoc. of Harlottas – no strangers there…

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