Rooty_1I’ve been working away on my teal Rusted Root and so far so good.  It’s an easy little pattern, and the lace insertion makes for a little bit of fun.  My master plan is finish this little guy and then have needles poised to make the Phildar multicolored sweater I’ve been salivating over in the past few blog entries.  I’ve little to no willpower, so those US and Canadian postal services need to get the lead out so I get my yarn.

For those of your feeling a bit superior because you’ve got tons of willpower.  Like willpower’s leaking out of your freaking pores, maybe I can tempt you with the following information <insert evil cackle>.  I see that Little Knits has Araucania Nature Wool at 42% off.  That’s $5.25 per 100 gram skein.  $30 for a yummy sweater–now that’s worth salivating for…


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  1. Silvia, have a heart. That was just downright cruel, give a poor grad student a break, will you? I have about eighty dollars to live on for the rest of this month. Clicking on that link brought a tear to my eye.

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