Slow Growing

Root1 Looks like my Rusted Root is of the slow growing variety.  Granted, I’ve been doing alot of running around and not alot of knitting, but still.  Glacial would be a good word to describe my progress.

I’ve reached a point in the pattern where waist shaping and hip shaping is called for.  RootbackThe pattern doesn’t really give measured diagrams and only has waist shaping.  I didn’t like the placement of decreases for the waist shaping and have had to re-figure them.  I’m now thinking ahead to hip shaping and length of the body.  I’m planning on making this sweater the same-ish length as the Green Gable, since that length works with jeans (the gold standard to my mind).  I’ve also added the picture at the right of the back view to date.  Plain stockinette, nothing hard there.

I will endeavor to complete this since my Phildar package is in being held captive in the post office waiting for my magic signature to release it.  Argh.  That sucks, since they’re conveniently open from 8:30 to 5, it’s not like I’ve got a job or anything…Give me my yarn you agent of the government!  The man is hurting the team…I mean, I’ve got to have a new sweater for Rhinebeck.  Have I mentioned I’m going to Rhinebeck?  Oh yeah, get knitting.


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  1. You would just HAVE to gloat wouldn’t you? Lucky you, have lots of fun and buy tons and tons of goodies. You need it, really. I’m doing my best to be an enabler. πŸ™‚ Bad postman. It is wrong to keep a girl from her fiber!

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