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Wendyblouse I finally finished this blouse from a Built by Wendy pattern (Simplicity 4112).  I quite like this pattern, it was very easy but I didn’t follow the sewing directions at all.  I’m sure they were adequate, I never really follow those sewing steps.  They usually have you do all these "home sewing" things rather than ways to make it easier and look more professional – so I usually ignore them.  Though word to the seam allowance wise here, the seam allowances vary – some are 3/8" and some are 5/8" so make sure you check the pattern before you start sewing.

Okay, mini-rant over.  I used some calico from the stash.  I should have made the body a scosh bigger across the boobage because this fabric is a bit grabby.  I’m sure I’ll make this blouse again, but I’ll try it with a stretchy woven or something with a bit more drape.  Don’t get me wrong, I quite like this blouse.  I hope to make some of the other lovely patterns in the Built by Wendy group as soon as Halloween sewing is completed.  (Vampire Princess costume this year for "fake" niece Zoe.)  I’ve got ten yards of black tulle with my name on it.  Wish me luck.


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  1. I am thisclose to finishing my first blouse–I lost the buttons I bought so I have to buy some new ones. It took me close to a month to sew it, but that includes the time I took learning to adjust the pattern and learning how to ease in the sleeves. Thanks for the link to the Simplicity website–wouldn’t have occurred to me!

  2. I love the swingy look of the sleeves. Makes it look very breezy.
    So what are those things that are “home sewing” instead of easier and more professional? Always curious about tips and tricks.

  3. Oh oh oh! It looks so good! Those sleeves are WOW. And I love that you don’t follow the directions. No wonder your garments look so much more polished. I don’t follow the directions anymore either, mostly because I find it quicker to just cut out the pieces and do my own thing.
    Your new banner is great! You’re an ace at the Photoshop. Kicking butt there 🙂

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