Socky Time

Twistedyarnforme1 People, it’s because I have no willpower.  None at all.  But look at that yarn.  How could I not buy that?  Look at those pretty colors.

Yes, I bought more sock yarn.  Yes, you read correctly, MORE SOCK YARN,  Despite the fact that I’ve not actually Twistedclosemade any socks in ages and ages, and despite the fact that I’ve got PLENTY of sock yarn in the garage, I bought these two skeins from  The pink and brown skein is colorway Neapolitan striping and the pink and greeny one is the Secret variegated stripe colorway.  Oh how nice and soft they are.

Thanks for noticing the new banner.  That was a photo from Maryland Sheep and Wool that I monkeyed with a bit in Photoshop.  I’m taking a Photoshop class and try to apply my homework lessons to the blog, so stay tuned as I acquire the knowledge.


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  1. I’ve been thinking about taking a Photoshop class as well. I know about enough to resize photos for the blog, and damnit, that’s just not enough. Are you taking it at a local college or something?

  2. Yes, those colors are gorgeous. I especially like the pink and green one.
    Nice job on the banner photo – it reminds me of the painting “Christina’s World” a bit, the way the kid is lying in the grass, crawling towards the, um…structures. 🙂

  3. Love the banner. You can never have too much sock yarn. You don’t have to actually knit socks to buy sock yarn, you can also use it to knit other things ;-P (or just admire and pet it)

  4. Sock yarn doesn’t count, c’mon, you know that.
    And the picture in the banner? Priceless. Although I’d prefer not to be reminded of that particular part of the festival. 😉

  5. I thought that I recognized those Port-o-Potties! Hee hee hee Good thing that wee baby moved before the hordes of knitbloggers – she would’ve been trampled on (and then taught the ways of our kind)!
    Mmmm… lucious sock yarn. Oh, why must you tempt me so! {shaking fists}

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