Phildary Goodness

Pic1 I sprung my yarn order from the post office and promptly fell under it’s spell.  Look at those pretty colors!  They should have called this the "Sil" colorway.  Despite being within sight of finishing Rusted Root, I put that down in favor of working with the Phildar Horizon sweater.  Lest you think I’m a yarn slut (I am – but don’t be ugly), I had a thought that I’d make this my Rhinebeck sweater this year.  I mean the variegated colorway translates to "maple" and I think this is a great sweater to leaf peep in upstate NY.  Homage to the photosyntheic process really.

The sweater is in the Phildar Automne 2006/2007 book and the yarn is Phildar Phildar_453_24_lgHorizon, an acrylic wool blend that is very very soft.  I bought the yarn and pattern book from Knit n Tyme in Canada for those wanting to peruse Val’s selection – again no affiliation other than supplier and happy addict.

I began by swatching in the round as I was planning to knit this sucker that way.  I quickly realized that using the multi colored yarn in the round would screw up the way it repeats i.e. making the color changes much quicker and ruining the effect I liked so  much.  Back to flat swatching and resigning myself to weaving in ends.

I began knitting flat with US size 7 needles that got gauge exactly, though I did rejigger the sizing a bit to accomodate my curvaceous self.  Math done and scribbled in the margins.  Off I went.  The next snafu I encountered was when I got to the first stripe on the back piece.  The grand plan of this sweater hPic2as you beginning with the magenta yarn then striping with the variegated yarn in the middle bit and ending up with the bengale orange color.  Simple and effective to my eye.  Unfortately, the variegated ball I snatched to begin the stripe was the same color as the magenta body.  Stripes?  What stripes.  I knit a few inches and decided that the color wasn’t changing in time so I ripped that bit out and used a ball that started off orange.  Now we’re cooking with gas.


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  1. haha, can I just call you a Yarn “Party Girl”? I just saw that Horizon in my lys today and I fondled it, then put it back. I had no idea it was variegated with coordinating solids!! My lys thanks you.

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