Striping and knocking off


I’ve begun knitting my Phildar Horizon sweater from the Phildar Automne 2006/7 magazine.  Big needles and soft fluffy yarn make this a very quick knit.Stripedclose  I’m getting toward the armhole shaping of the back after a few evenings of TV knitting.  Not bad.

To recap for those wondering where I get my Phildar swag, at Knit and Tyme.  I’m a happy customer of theirs, so if you feel like taking the plunge go Phil_bluefor it.  And just to enable a bit, the shipping from Canada is, of course, higher than domestic shipping so it behooves you to order TWO magazines.  The  shipping’s the same… just enabling.  Phil_magenta Do what you will.

For those wondering about my coquettishly named sweater #24, I chose the magenta and orangey colorway but it’s also shown in a very pretty blue/green colorway for those not of the orange persuasion.  Me, I’m all about the orange and magenta.  Same sweater, different colorway.  Don’t they look really different?  Interesting how important the color choice is to our perception of the pattern.

On to a whole new topic – knocking off.  I sew and have invested in the equipment and design degree to enable me to make patterns and sew up with some degree of competence.  I get inspired by a $200 Anthropologie blouse and can make some version of it to suit me.  For those of you not inclined or interested in sewing, I found this ebay seller who knocks off designer garb and makes it to your measurements in Asia.  Wha?  And it’s really cheap too.  Holy crap.  I’ve got no knowledge or information about the quality of this enterprise, but I found it’s very existence interesting.  Check it out.  Amazing, no?


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  1. That Top Runway thing on eBay IS fascinating. The feedback is very good, and it seems like it would be extra hard to please with custom orders!
    I am of the orange persuasion as well and believe you made the right choice. Purty!

  2. That ebay thing is fascinating – one wonders what the quality of the fabric would be, for starters. I assume it’s perfectly possible in that locale to hire tailors at slave wages, but the materials must cost something…

  3. Hi Sil!
    I was wondering if you knew where I could get the automne 2006-7 phildar mag from in english? I love the patterns in it and I am a new knitter who is anxious to try something fun for myself.

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