Back of the Horizon

Backofphildar Well that didn’t take very long did it?  That’s the back piece that knit up mostly during two dvds of Wire in the Blood first season.  Oh Robson, how I love you.

Okay, back to knitting.  I pretty much followed the pattern except for adjusting it to fit my hip and bust measurements, which of course fall in between two sizes.   It’s easy to adjust – just figure out how many stitches you need to end up with and how many you start out with and subtract.  Tank2Divide that number in half as you’ll be taking half the decreases at the right side and half on the left side.  In my case I had 14 stitches to decrease, 7 on each side.  I had 30 cm of length in which to make these decreases.  Now here’s the ONLY tricky bit.  You have to make 7 sets of decreases in 8 sections.  I’ve added this info this little illustration I just finished for work (see how I’m a slacker – don’t ask about the rainbow thing) to show this.  So divide the decrease pairs plus 1 (7 + 1 in this case) into the 30 cm of body knitting.  This gives you a decrease row every 3.75 cm.  Works like a charm, but it baffles me every time.  Sweater Design in Plain English by Maggie Righetti is a great resource to figure out this stuff plus tons more.  Great book.

Okay now that I’ve muddled all your minds, back to knitting the front.


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  1. Man, oh man. I poof for a week from ze land of blogs (fashion homework…I know you sympathize) and you’ve got a whole piece of a sweater knitted. You are a knitting deity!
    The colors are very Sil, very nice. My favorite is the middle block in pink.

  2. What are all the little ends on the edge of the sweater? Are you alternating yarns? If you knit this on a circular needle, you can just slide the knitting to the side that has the appropriate color to knit your row. Then you just have to carry each yarn up the side as you go and not have all the cut ends to deal with. This works out to something like Knit one row orange, slide, knit one row multi, purl one row orange, slide, purl one row multi, etc.
    Just suggestin’.

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