Backfront It takes deliberate effort and planning to knit two pairs of similar socks with self striping yarn.  This same level of effort is need to make the front and back of my Phildar Horizon sweater appear twin-like.  I’ve achieved a fraternal twin level of success, to my eye.  The back is all pink in the variegated watermelon section (my name for this part) while you can just see that that front section on the needle has just a hint more yellow in the watermelon area.  Won’t bug me, kind of makes it a bit interesting.  In fact, I’ll bet no one would even notice.  I mean, if someone’s looking at my boobages that closely they’re probably not interested in my striping sequence.  Just saying.

For those who notice these things there are very few yarn ends on the sides to weave upon completion.  I took clever commenter Lynn’s admonition to heart regarding all those crazy ends to weave in.  She wondered why if I was using a circular needle to knit flat, I didn’t just work the stripe sequence by shoving the knitting back to whichever side the color of yarn I needed next and carry the yarn up the side rather than cut the yarn and knit back and forth like a robot?  I had no good reason I’d not done just that for the back.  Just didn’t.  Did it for the front and it’s just fine.  Must be that I had a touch of the 24 hour stupid.

I’m beginning to believe this sweater will be ready for Rhinebeck.  You’ll be able to find me in a crowd with this one on.


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  1. fraternal is way more interesting. 🙂 plus, it will be awfully hard for someone to look at the front and back of the sweater simultaneously, anyway…

  2. I love how those stripes came out, and a quick glance didn’t yield any inkling that the two were different.
    If you wear this at Rhinebeck, there is no way that I can lose you in the crowd.

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