Boo (hoo) boo

M4947October means Halloween costumes in this here corner of the world.  I am again opening my costume atelier for the pleasure of Miss Zoe (aka "fake niece") in order to provide her with the costume of her choosing.  This year – wait for it – "Vampire   Princess"!

The Halloween costume pattern selection is pretty piss poor in the Vampire Princess department.  If you want a slutty witch or geisha costume, yeah they’ve got that.  Overview1But a kid costume of some originality?  Nah…not so much.  I ended up with the McCall’s pattern – it’s witchy but princessy.  I thought with some changes this would do for a Vampire Princess.  Layers of tulle skirt = princess to me.

So I begin the cutting of the million layers of black tulle and the icky black costume satin that slips and slides and stretches.  Don’t buy that costume rayon satin crap – it sucks.  Use the regular polyester satin, heed my hard fought lesson people.  Detail3_1So it’s all cut out, sparkly layers and all.  I begin the "sewing process".  Kind of like when I was a sexy stew and we had a "boarding process".  That’s code for this is so fucking slow!  I mean the sewing is slowish because the materials are black (I sew at night-vampire style you know) and slippery as all get out.  So slow and steady sewing up the vampire sleeves into the bodice.  I look at my lovely results.  The damn sleeves have slipped to different positions in the bodice.  One sleeve lines up nicely with the front seams and one slipped about 3/4" away.  BASTARDS!  I slept on the thought of leaving it as it, but it would bug me.  I’ll rip the offending sleeve today.  I’ll open up some wine…