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M4947October means Halloween costumes in this here corner of the world.  I am again opening my costume atelier for the pleasure of Miss Zoe (aka "fake niece") in order to provide her with the costume of her choosing.  This year – wait for it – "Vampire   Princess"!

The Halloween costume pattern selection is pretty piss poor in the Vampire Princess department.  If you want a slutty witch or geisha costume, yeah they’ve got that.  Overview1But a kid costume of some originality?  Nah…not so much.  I ended up with the McCall’s pattern – it’s witchy but princessy.  I thought with some changes this would do for a Vampire Princess.  Layers of tulle skirt = princess to me.

So I begin the cutting of the million layers of black tulle and the icky black costume satin that slips and slides and stretches.  Don’t buy that costume rayon satin crap – it sucks.  Use the regular polyester satin, heed my hard fought lesson people.  Detail3_1So it’s all cut out, sparkly layers and all.  I begin the "sewing process".  Kind of like when I was a sexy stew and we had a "boarding process".  That’s code for this is so fucking slow!  I mean the sewing is slowish because the materials are black (I sew at night-vampire style you know) and slippery as all get out.  So slow and steady sewing up the vampire sleeves into the bodice.  I look at my lovely results.  The damn sleeves have slipped to different positions in the bodice.  One sleeve lines up nicely with the front seams and one slipped about 3/4" away.  BASTARDS!  I slept on the thought of leaving it as it, but it would bug me.  I’ll rip the offending sleeve today.  I’ll open up some wine…


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  1. One year I made my kids Tinkerbell and Capt. Hook costumes–they ended up taking about 20 hrs and cost almost $100. And the pressure of getting them done made me bitchy for 2 weeks. And just buying the fabric took 2 hours (did you know Halloween is the busiest time of year for JoAnn’s and the like?)
    (What a good “aunt” you are!)

  2. Oh my, you are a dedicated fake aunt! I cringe at the though of sewing all that black satininess. Vampire princess is a super awesome costume, though!

  3. Oh my, you are a dedicated fake aunt! I cringe at the thought of sewing all that black satininess. Vampire princess is a super awesome costume, though!

  4. How about basting it with double-sided sticky tape? Or, glue??? What’s she doing for teeth?
    DD has a long black and purple hooded cape from Walgreen’s and I figure we’ll hit Stonemountain for something underneath. She doesn’t T-or-T anymore, but they wear their costumes to school one day. Thanks for the heads-up. (Think I can finally get her to wear total Goth make-up?)

  5. It’s looking great so far. I’m sure the Vampire Princess will be really pleased with the final result.
    I just bought 8 yards of white tulle over the weekend to make my 12 year old a Bjork costume! There are no patterns for that, let me tell you, I’m be winging it on this one!

  6. Vampire Princess! Black TULLE! You’ve gone to infinity beyond! in the fake Aunt dept.
    Forevermore, I’ll see you in my mind’s eye straining to stitch that frothy witchy nest…
    My Mentor!

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