Photoshop and vampire princesses

Zoeclose1 First I’ll begin by sharing some links to online Photoshop or general photo editing tutorial sites on the web that I’ve learned about in my online Photoshop class.  They’re quite fascinating and will totally suck your time.  Ask me how I know.  Photoshop links:

Now for the crafting bit.  I did rip the offending sleeve from the Vampire Princess bodice and it is now where it should be and matches the other side’s sleeve placement.  I can’t have my fake niece looking all wonky as she’s Tricking and Treating in her hood… It’s looking very Vampire-y around here isn’t it?


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  1. Fun Links. that bodice looks great so far. I hear you on the making costumes thing. I just finished a monster costume. For my sister’s dog. I musta been drunk…..

  2. What a lucky princess. I’d better improve my sewing skills before my 9-month-old fake niece grows up and learns the word “atelier.”

  3. I would have pulled out the sleeve too. Now you can sleep much easier. I love the whole sewing thing, but nobody in my family has asked for a costume this year. Of course it is early. I expect the request on or around the 27th.

  4. I love the sleeves. Heck, I’d wear a top with sleeves like that and I wouldn’t wait for Halloween. Remember, if you’re looking for another fake niece I’m willing to fill the position.

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