Phildar made easy

200645621a000000_r_1 I don’t have any knitting or sewing progress to share, work’s crazy busy with photo shoot and my sis is in town.  Between the two, not so much with the knitting.  There are a couple of things.

First, Nathania and partners are opening up their NEW yarn shop in Sunnyvale this Saturday.  Claudia and I will definitely be there to show our support and maybe a credit card to two…

Second, I see Phildar has their English language site up and running.  They are selling the English versions of their catalogs (when available) as well as the yarn.  Pretty cool.  I’m still a Knit N Tyme gal, but it’s nice to see them showing some interest in serving the US market.  I do love their stuff…Look how cute the sweater on the left is?


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  1. Wow – thanks for sharing that Phildar is now in english! Very exciting indeed. (Now, if I could just get them to offer free translations on back patterns….)

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