Field Trip

Sista My sister and I headed down to Sunnyvale to help the Purlescence girls warm up their new shop.  PurlgirlsThe shop is beautiful with lots of light and seating.  They’ve also stocked the shop with all the yarns YOU’D have picked.  No crappy chainstore stuff, just quality, yummy stuff.  Congratulations to Nathania, Sandi and Chloe!

Now, of course I didn’t buy anything, just lending moral support.   MalskeinRemember that garage full of yarn and a trip to Rhinebeck next week?  Right, you weren’t swallowing that fish story were you?  I was forced to purchase some Malabrigo.  Malclose_1Forced, I tell you.  Here’s Nathania laughing at my resolve (or lack thereof).

Now for the goods, the booty, the shwag…Malabrigo.  Yum.  Enough (I hope) for a nice little cardie.  I’m weak.


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  1. Smallness said, “Mom, did you SEE the yarn Silvia bought?!!!” The kid was angling for Malabrigo for her stash… I just smile and keep handing her the mitten project. She needs to finish something before her stash takes over her bedroom!
    Which cardi are you making with the Malabrigo??? Will you have it done before Rhinebeck?!!! You got that extra skein so you should be able to knit faster, right?

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