Looking good?

This post could take the form of – which do you want first, the good news or the bad news?  Perhaps I’m being a tad melodramatic (who moi?), but I shall present the photographic evidence and y’all can decide whether I’m screwed.

Backfront_1The photo at left is the "good news".  I’ve completed the front and back of the Phildar sweater that I wanted to wear at Rhinebeck.  It seemed like a totally doable goal when I got the yarn about a month ago.  Sure there’s ends to weave in and sewing up of stripe sequences, but it’s doable.  Hell people, I’ve made ballgowns with boned bodices.  I can sew up a freaking sweater in a moving car.  While driving no less.

Now the "bad news"…Yup those sleeves aren’t, uh, quite done.  I Sleeviesam blessed with two (slightly ape length) arms and as one notes in the illustration at right, the left arm is getting shortchanged.  (Yes, I am the sister who went to art school – so let’s not talk about this illustration).  I will have you know that I am blowing off my homework tonight inorder to knit on this sleeve.  I’m sure my pass/no pass grade won’t be in jeopardy by one late assignment.  THIS is my level of commitment to making this sweater in time for Rhinebeck.  You may also be interested to note that the first time I went to Rhinebeck I wore a sweater that was safety pinned together because it just wasn’t getting done.  It was hideous, but I wore that out in public.  If you see me wearing this around Rhinebeck with safety pinned seams and duct tape holding that left sleeve to my body, SAY NOTHING.  Just nod knowingly and appreciate the effort.  Then buy me a drink.


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  1. it’s really inconvenient that you weren’t born with one gimpy half-arm right about now, isn’t it. my rhinebeck duds are done! i’m ready! muahahahahahaha.

  2. Me too, what Carolyn said.
    But also, when you see my weird sleeve set-ins, nod and smile and say nothing, ok? But hug me. I’ve had a bit of a rough week. Poor me.
    I love your illustration. “missing bit.” hahahahaha

  3. AACK! The race is on for you! This morning in the east I was at the same point on my sweater. Back, two fronts, one sleeve a cuff and one repeat of my other sleeve finished. So-remainder of sleeve (and mine is no stinkin’ stockinette!), sew up, knit in neck, install zipper……. And I have to drive myself, no plane time when I can kick back and work on it. Must drive myself. Your chances are much better than mine.

  4. I have never felt the urge to attend fiber events, maybe because I am stingy and antisocial and think the money would be better spent on yarn, BUT for the first time I am tempted. I think you will finish the sweater (gorgeous, by the way) but the trip would be so worth it for the chance to see a crazy knitter in her safety-pinned sweater. I would even buy you a drink or three.

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