Leaf Peeper

RaglanI arrived in Boston safely and slightly sleepily yesterday morning.  The foliage was so gorgeous when the plane was on final approach to Logan, that I had my nose pressed to the window the whole time.  Amateur behavior, but WTF.  The tree leaves have turned some at home and the grape vines are turning yellow, but these right coast leaves are ORANGE!  Love that.  One of the best parts of Rhinebeck to me is the scenery.  So incredibly gorgeous.

Ends_1I’ve been working steadily on my last sleeve and finished last night.   I IMMEDIATELY began seaming.  I mean immediately.  No happy dance, no topping up the wine glass.  I was seaming on the hop.  Three of four raglan seams are sewn.  I knew it would be a bother to get those dumb stripes aligned AND it is.  So some seams are better than others, but since the stripes aren’t actually the same COLOR, the effect is dimished.  Yup, I think my original notion of knitting this in the round would have been a good idea.  Oh well, hindsight and all that.

I think I’ll get this sewn up and knit up a 1" or so crew neck ribbed band.  I’d originally thought cowl, but a big yellow cowl doesn’t seem right how that I see the sweater partially sewn up.

So the moral of this story is if you see a redhead in a bright sweater that had yarn ends dangling behind her like some shredded bridal train at Rhinebeck, it’s probably me and I hit my wall.  Say nothing about this deficiency.  Trust me.  Just say "nice work" and change the subject.  Now fingers crossed for finishing.