First the Swag

I went to New York Sheep and Wool with the intention of not buying any yarn.  I mostly succeeded.  I did buy a couple of yarny things, and two nonyarny things.

ScarfI wanted a more portable project than socks because of all the walking around, socializing and drinking.  Can’t turn a heel with that kind of schedule.  I bought this Morpheus Scarf kit from Morehouse Merino.  I usually always buy something from them, but rarely end up making it.  This time I started this scarf in the huge line to exit the parking lot and finished it last night on my sister’s couch.  It’s not blocked, so I can only show you the colorway so as NOT to get an improper blocking ticket from Miss Alice Faye, the queen of tiny well blocked lace.  I think the scarf colorway is most accurately described as Camoflauge.  What they call it, I don’t know.  It’s SockandsoapCamo to me.

Yarn object number two was two measly little skeins of sock yarn.  Just two, which equal one pair of socks.  I’m like a saint.  It’s a beautiful colorway from Spirit Trail Fiberworks.  It’s red and pink.  Hello!  Perfect for my subtle tastebuds…

The pretty sock yarn is posed with my half yearly supply of Got Soap bars.  They are heavenly smelling.  Not too pungent, just soft and natural smells, it’s almost impossible for me to use other brand of soap now.  They’re sitting in my suitcase making it smell great despite the suitcase containing five days of dirty clothes.Necklace_1

Last but not least is this glass button from Moving Mud.  They make very lovely glass buttons, shawl pins and the like.  I think this is a button, but it looks like a pendant to me.  I plan on stringing a cord through the back loops, or adding jumprings through those loops and wearing it as a pendant.  It’s a lovely clear glass with a smattering of white and pumpkin colored flecks.  Again, how could I not buy that?

In case anyone is looking for completed photos of the Phildar sweater, it’s still not done.  I haven’t spent any time on it and didn’t want to hurry it and do a crap job.  So it’s still only 3/4 sewn up with no collar.  I hope to complete it as soon as I finish Miss Zoe’s Halloween costume!  It’s almost Halloween and that costume isn’t quite done.  Bad fake Auntie Sil.  Bad…

Fingers crossed I get home today.  I decided weeks ago to fly standby using my airline employee flight benefits.  Of course all the flights are full today, so I’ve got one shot out tonight that looks okay and it looks good all day on Tuesday.  The catch there is that I’ve got to work on Tuesday morning.  You think they’ll notice if I stroll in at noon?  Here’s hoping I don’t get stuck at JFK this afternoon!!  All this hassle to save $400…


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  1. You are more profligate than Claudia. The only exception (guessing) was the soap. Not enough time, just one brief hug, it was lovely to see you.
    I like the button. I always walk through their booth, and leave, because I can’t buy a set of buttons without having the yarn in front of me too. I like your pendant idea.

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