Whew!  I can check "make Vampire Princess costume" off my list of things to do.  Just in a nick of time too!  This Halloween snuck up on me with Rhinebeck being last weekend.  Luckily I’d been slowly working on this costume for "Fake Niece" Zoe for some time, but had to push through the last two evenings to get it done.

Even hyper critical me thinks it came out terrific.  It’s kind of hard to see from the photos, but the peplum is purple organza with fuzzy black glitter spiders on it.  The other fabric is a black net with purple glitter spiderwebs printed on it.  There are also FOUR layers of tulle in that skirt.  Talk about devotion.

I brought it to Zozo2work today to pack up in our shipping department and made everyone exclaim about it’s cuteness before packing it up.  I’ll try and get pix of the girl in the costume (hopefully it fits…), so you can see it on a person rather than hanging on my door.

Specs:  Pattern – McCalls 4947, combination of views A and B with overlaid netting on bodice and sleeves

Now I can get back to sewing up that Phildar Rhinebck sweater.


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  1. I just love to sew and nobody in my house wants a costume this year. Sniff.
    I didn’t get my Rhinebeck sweater seamed up in time either. You may have seen me sewing away in the lobby. Trouble is, even had I finished it the zippers I got from zipperstop were so far off the mark. I ordered a color card the second second after they arrived. Expecting better zipper any day…….

  2. Oh yes, it takes much devotion to whip that out! It does make me glad I had boys though and only had to sew up one vampire cape with purple satin lining and one set of fuzzy bat wings!!! 🙂

  3. The real question is, can a vampire princess be blond, or will she have to dye her hair? Zoe is entered in two costume contests this weekend, so we’ll put it to the test. Thanks fake aunt Sil! Love, real dad Steve

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