Mutton dressed as…

First order of business:  Zoe’s dress arrived on Friday morning and she will have her  costume for her two costume contests.  Who knew Halloween was such a competitive sport?  Hopefully it fits, she was in school when it arrived and her parents didn’t want to yank her Malskein_1out in the middle of the day just to satisfy my curiousity.

Second, the Malabrigo I got at Purlescence is wanting to be something RIGHT NOW!  I was thinking cardigan with some leg o’mutton sleeves in simple stockinette.  I don’t know why I’m Malabrigo1feeling so Gibson Girly right now, but I really want to try such a crazy sleeve (modified for worsted weight yarn of course).

I shan’t cast on until the Phildar sweater is sewn up though, I’m too close to lose focus.  After Phildar comes the mutton.  I’ll start with the sleeve and knit a sweater around that.  Odd, but it may work.  I’ve put my mental sketch on paper so you know what I’m talking about.  Who thinks this could work?