Mutton dressed as…

First order of business:  Zoe’s dress arrived on Friday morning and she will have her  costume for her two costume contests.  Who knew Halloween was such a competitive sport?  Hopefully it fits, she was in school when it arrived and her parents didn’t want to yank her Malskein_1out in the middle of the day just to satisfy my curiousity.

Second, the Malabrigo I got at Purlescence is wanting to be something RIGHT NOW!  I was thinking cardigan with some leg o’mutton sleeves in simple stockinette.  I don’t know why I’m Malabrigo1feeling so Gibson Girly right now, but I really want to try such a crazy sleeve (modified for worsted weight yarn of course).

I shan’t cast on until the Phildar sweater is sewn up though, I’m too close to lose focus.  After Phildar comes the mutton.  I’ll start with the sleeve and knit a sweater around that.  Odd, but it may work.  I’ve put my mental sketch on paper so you know what I’m talking about.  Who thinks this could work?


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  1. Halloween is a totally competitive sport now, not only for costumes but for home decorations, too. And the sad thing is, everyone races to decorate their house the best but so many of the kids trick-or-treat at the mall these days.

  2. The tricky part will be the transition from the ribbed forearm to the pouf, avoiding the muffin top look. How about having some percentage of the increase in that transition line, then adding a bit more in the underarm seam zone, then just a really slow decrease in the cap?
    Will you make pinched pleats at the shoulder point or a cluster of short radial lines or a softer gather?
    I really like the proportions in your sketch. The finer ribbing on the sleeves is a nice foil for the wider ribbing in the bodice. Will this work with malabrigo?
    DD’s sponsoring a halloween party at the library this evening, another one of her teen community things. Godzilla movies (including the Bambi one!) and pizza. Then she’ll probably wear part of her costume (the cape and make-up?) to school on the 31st. I’m so glad she’s mellow.

  3. I love the idea–it’s not really the same, but the idea reminds me of Eunny’s Faye Dunaway sweater with the fitted beneath the bust part (does that make sense?)
    Can’t wait to see the Vampire Princess in action!

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