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Seaweedrs_1 Even though I don’t normally knit for anyone other than yours truly, I did volunteer to make an 8 x 8 inch afghan square for an afghan destined for knit blogger Crazy Aunt Purl’s (Laurie) gran who’s in a nursing home in So Cal.  Not only is it a very sweet idea, I thought it would be fun to find a stitch that would look ok on both the right and wrong sides.

First stop is of course one of the Barbara Walker Knitting Treasuries.  I randomly grabbed Treasury #2 and came across the Seaweed pattern that is described as "seaweedy" Seaweedwswhich made me laugh because Barbara Walker talks like me.  It also had a photo of the right and wrong side and both looked quite nice to me.  That’s a winner in my book.  The top photo on the left is the "right" side and the one on the right in the "wrong" side.  It’s subjective.

Enter some leftover worsted wool and size 5 needles (remember I’m a loosey goosey) and in a short while I’ve got the required square.  Easy as can be.  I’d hoped to make more than one, but given the length of my personal to do list, I thought I’d send the first one off before the November 10th deadline to make sure I live up to my promise.  If anyone wants to make a big swatch for a good cause, click here for info.


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