Mary-Kate and Ashley Socks


Even though I tried to make these sock twins identical, turns out they came from two different eggs.  They will henceforth be known as the M-K and Ashley socks.  The non identical nature of these items does not bother me, in fact I’m wearing them to work as I type this.  My freakishly small feet are warm and toasty even though the stripes don’t match up.

If you’d like some yummy stripey socks of your very own you’ll need to go to the etsy and ask Twisted if she’ll dye you up some yarn.  She calls this pink and brown colorway Neapolitan.  This name makes a bit more sense than MK n Ash, so inquire after it with it’s ice cream name.  I’ve also got her Secret Stripes yarn, that’s next up on deck.

The "pattern" is my usual plain vanilla standby sock.  I used 60 stitches, picot hem and short row heel and toes.  I can knit these in my sleep which usually means I drag them along to everything.  If you want info on the shortrow heel and toe method, I like the explanation from Priscilla Gibson-Roberts’ Simple Socks book.  There’s also a very good article in Interweave by Ms. G-R in the Fall 2000 issue.  If you subscribe to Interweave but don’t have this back issue, they’ve got a pdf of this article on their subscriber page.

Wonder Twin powers ACTIVATE!