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Zoehalloween3 What we learned this Halloween

You get extra candy if you’re extra cute.  At least this is what I was told by said Extra Cutie at left.  Our Vampire Princess costume fit pretty well considering we’d had no fittings during it’s construction.  A smidge big, but it worked in the candy gathering department.  Mission Accomplished.

We’re now in negotiations for next year’s extravaganza.  The leading costume contender is Ghost Princess which could be a seriously beautiful costume.  Imagine white tulle and glittery organza all in shreds with a v-waisted princess bodice.  I am personally trying to get her to be a monkey.  I floated Monkey Princess when plain monkey fell flat, but that’s not working either.  Ghost Princess may just get her way.  I’m also trying to get her brother to be a waffle next year.  Sock1_1 How fun would that be with a big sheet of foam and an electric knife to make the waffle holes out in the front yard.  He’s not buying that either.  Maybe I’ll dress as a waffle next year…

In knitting news, I had little to no time to knit this weekend.  Too much playing.  I’ve made a bit of progress on new socks.  This is the Twisted Secret Striping sock yarn.  How perfect is that colorway for me!  Perfectly perfect.


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  1. Oooh, I want to be a ghost princess! Love the idea, little bit creepy but still a fun costume (um, as long as I’m not making it, that is).
    And Sil? I didn’t need the link to someplace else to buy sock yarn. I will resist your evil, really I will.

  2. i’ll be a monkey princess for ya.
    you know, i got more candy when i went trick or treating as a 32 year old than i ever got as a kid. in westchester, they give out FULL SIZE candybars. FULL SIZE dude. what say we make a second trip to new york next october????

  3. A waffle…you crack me up!
    That dress looks seriously cute on her. Such excellent workmanship. Maybe she’ll have a costume party to go to? I know I’d want to wear a costume like that many a time.

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