Sleeve heck

Byesleeve1_1  My plan for my Malabrigo was a simple cardigan with leg ‘o mutton sleeves.  I roughed up a quick pattern and started with the "sleeve as swatch" procedure.  Here’s the sleeve and I don’t like it.  I’d feared that the fabric I got from Malabrigo would be too heavy to make a fun poufy sleeve.  I was right.  It’s not really working for me.  I’ll have to return to the drawingboard.

Now I’m thinking a plain top down stockinette cardi.  This variegated yarn is too busy for much stitch detail, so stockinette is the obvious choice.  Maybe I’ll make a modified saddle shoulder in the round from Knitting Without Tears and cut the front to make a caridgan.  Those sideways saddles and back yoke would look fab knit in a different direction.  Hmmm, I’ve got some ripping to do tonight.

I also came across a mention of Debbie Bliss’ pattern book Out of Town on Stephanie’s blog.  I innocently clicked and liked just about every pattern in the book.  I picked it up on someone’s ebay store just like that.  So click with caution people.


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  1. So your Rhinebeck sweater must be done then, Huh?
    Hey, I have had Wobbly Circles from IK on the needles since June (i think…geez i better get back to it. Oh look at that pretty yarn! wobbly what?)

  2. Mm. I really like those colors. Very nice. I agree with you on the plain is probably best approach. Your fake niece is a total doll in that costume! Way to go fake auntie Sil!

  3. great yarn, I know the frustration of matching the perfect sweater with the perfect yarn.
    People can click on e-bay with wild abandon now, I already bought the book. No self control, none.

  4. oh, man, I clicked without caution and now I want to buy it too, and Im not usually a Debbie Bliss knitter. I love that flared cable jacket and the Trapeze jacket.
    Sorry your cool poof sleeve didnt work out– variegated yarn is always such a trial!

  5. Aw, man. It’s too bad the leg o mutton didn’t work with that yarn. But I know you’ll find something that works. I mean, you’re THE SIL! You always do 🙂

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