Lest you forget

I was totally busted in my comments the other day by Tara who mused that I must be done with my Rhinebeck sweater since I’m running amuck with the Malabrigo yarn.

Oh where to look, where to look…

No.  Rhinebeck sweater is not done.  I have completed the knitting  (except for the bitty neck ribbing) and finished the sewing up.  That was a bitch let me tell you.  I’m now weaving in ends.  And ends and more ends.  What I’m doing is weaving in ends for a bit then switching to knitting the Malabrigo.  Kind of cheating, but it keeps me sane.

In honor of this now you see it, now you don’t approach to project finishing, rollover the picture up top to simulate how that looks to passersby.  Ooh.  I could do that all day.

The 411 on the Malabrigo is that after ripping out the leg o’ mutton sleeve of doom I pulled out my Knitting Without Tears and decided to do a hybrid seamless raglan/saddle sweater.  Blame Rachael for putting that idea in my head with her gorgeous Pumpkin version with cably bits.  I asked her to give that sweater to me and she said no.  Hmm.  Maybe I’ll cut my version open for a cardie, maybe not.  I’ll decide when I see what I’ve got.  I’ve made one of these hybrid seamless sweaters before and it’s really quite nice.  Unfortunately I frogged the sweater I made originally a while back because it was a bit too boxy.  No waist shaping and I never wore it.  Maybe I’ll overdye the yarn and make another oneBraeburn.

But back to this Malabrigo vesion.  I made a simple hem using crochet cast on to make securing the hem a snap.  Love that and it’s totally stretchy–no cast on edge to constrict my free wheeling sweater wearing.  I’ve just completed the waist shaping portion and I’m a bit concerned that it’s too extreme an angle so I’ll knit a bit more then try it on.  I’m also alternating with two balls of yarn to minimize the pooling.  This yarn was pooling madly on the hem so it seemed a good idea.

Another curious thing about this yarn is that it reminds me of crisp fall apples.  Makes me hungry really.  So this may end up being called the Apple Sweater.  Yum.


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