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Collage1_1 I ripped out my malabrigo sweater start last night.  As I suspected, my decreases from hip to waist were way to steep and it looked like I was wearing a Minnie Mouse skirt.  Yeah, pretty.

I then spent a bit of time sorting through magazines and patterns for inspiration for the malabrigo and came up with bupkis.  Here now, through the wonder of the internets, I’ve found some nice examples in RTW that may inspire ye old pea brain.

I hope to have the Phildar sweater done right quick, but I suspect all those ends needing weaving multiply in the knitting basket.  Perhaps a handful of prophylactics in the knitting bag would help my finishing?


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  1. Need to know…is most of that Vittadini? (I recognize the impossibly thin, breastless white mannequins, which always make me think I will look good in their sweaters.)
    (I still want half of what you’ve posted, though :-))

  2. I like the two on the left since the yarn has a lot going on in terms of color.
    You put things like that in your knitting bag and they’ll help *someone else* finish, Sil. Maybe if you stay away from things like that you’ll be able to concentrate better on weaving Phildar ends?

  3. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who uses RTW for inspiration. Now, please tell me you have a little notebook with magazine pictures stuck in it? Nope? Just me then!

  4. The beige one in the upper right corner might as well be Butterfly, so it’s a good thing Claudia likes it! I like the grey one on the top left and the cutaway sweater jackets in the middle. Somehow they’ve managed to design sweater jackets that don’t give me Starsky and Hutch flashbacks.

  5. Oooooooh, you found some seriously cool inspiration in the internets. I’m in love with that cropped jacket with the double rows of buttons and the long cabled number. Fab-u-lous.
    P.S. Hee hee at the Minnie Mouse skirt!

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