Nemesis, thy name is Malabrigo

Mala1 Perhaps the Phildar sweater-in-waiting was exerting some freaky French mind control over the Malabrigo I was playing around with instead of finishing said Phildar sweater.  It’s possible people.  How else can it be explained that my simple stockinette Malabrigo cardie has been started and ripped about FOUR times already.  See that pretty 1×1 swatch for a Debbie Bliss pattern?  It’s not speaking to me.  Every time I rip, I pick up the Phildar sweater and weave in the millions of ends.Ari1

To wrap up the score at this point in the match, Malabrigo = 0; Phildar sweater = 1,000,000.  Phildar ends are woven in, I’ll pick up and knit the collar tonight-ish and that puppy will be done done done.  Blocking, never heard of it.  The Malabrigo is in a ball on the floor.

Ariann_sd_0577_3web Please don’t think I don’t love my Malabrigo.  I do.  It is delicious and soft and beautiful.  It’s just not cooperating.  Well, when things are this hard it’s time to call it quits.  The Malabrigo can rest for a bit and I’ll pick up something else.  Enter some lovely chocolate brown cormo from Maryland S&W last.  I swatched it using the closest needles to hand and it will be the perfect gauge for Ariann!  Well that was easy.

I knit the ribbing and started the main body stitch pattern before I started getting a bit too sleepy to be holding pointy objects.  So far I love this sweater nubbin.  Thanks BonneMarie for another fab-u-lous pattern.


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