Bloody Hell!

Phildardone Oh good heavens!  It’s finally done–only ONE WHOLE freaking month after my goal of Rhinebeck.  Nice.

Since I’m sure no one can even remember what the hell project this is, I shall refresh you.  I called this the Phildar Horizon Sweater because the yarn is called Horizon.  If you’re interested in this sweater in this or the blue colorway, I bought my yarn from Val at Knit n Tyme in wonderful Canada.  I don’t know Val, but I love her.

This pattern is from Phildar Automne 2006 and is model #24.  The only mods I made were to make the arse one size and the boobages another–that only involves a bit of math to make them meet at the waist.  Another mod was to the collar.  The model in the magazine has some crazy welty collar and I wanted simple and plain.  I opted for picking up and knitting a small self roll collar.  Finishes the neck but doesn’t bind my swanlike neck or look funky.  And of course, I made the sleeves longer because I have apelike arms.  Eee eee.

I’m glad it’s done and all those little ends are a thing of the past.  Much weaving in, but I love this sweater so it was definitely worth it.  I must add that my next project will be ONE color.  I’m not nuts.