Up to the armpits


Doesn’t it seem like I just posted that I’d be starting Ariann in my natural chocolate brown cormo mix yarn (Fox Hill Farm no less)?  Snap.  I’m at armpit level now.  Man, does this go fast.  It worried me at first because despiteAriannclose getting gauge, the body was looking a tad–mmm–small.  But when I yanked on it to simulate blocking, I was right on target.  And blocking this will need.  None of my usual "Eh, it’s fine".  This is rumply bumply.

So far so good on the pattern, BonneMarie’s right on target with this one and I haven’t managed to f*ck it up due to inattention or too much zinfandel.  The stitch pattern is easy to memorize and that makes it a good choice for knitting while watching the 49ers win for a change.  Maybe this sweater will even be done this week.  (Now I’ve totally just jinxed it…argh).


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  1. We were over at Janine’s yesterday, knitting, and I’m pretty sure she was working on Ariann, too. Dark violet Cascade. You fogged in up there? I can barely see the trees outside my windows. Lovely!

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