Sewing high

Blouse2 Yee haw, a FO of the sewing variety.  This easy little blouse is a Built by Wendy pattern that I made out of some 70s looking cotton from the stash.  It’s Simplicity #4111.

The sewing up of this blouse was pretty straight forward.  No special tricks or skills necessary to make this pattern.

I did find that the neckline is lower than I’d have wanted and I have to wear a tank underneath – or else I’d be yanking the top up all day and trying not to show the world my boobages.  Maybe I should make a size smaller next time, or actually take the time to measure the pattern to determine its finished dimensions.  Crazy talk.

After I finish a project I like to figure out what I want to make next.  Right now I’m baffled.  I want to use up stash fabrics so I immediately get ideas for things I’d have to go out and buy fabric for.  It’s contrary in my head ya know.  It’s also hard to pick because I’ve got a buttload of clothes already. I know that’s not the reason I sew, but it does factor in.  Maybe a pencil skirt or a fun camo skirt or maybe another Built by Wendy top – 3964 tunic with funky knit fabric?  I’ve got fabrics for all those…

Maybe I’ll just knit on Ariann and save my strength for eating stuffing and pie.  Happy Thanksgiving friends!


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  1. Oh! A great stash buster is the In Town Bag from Amy Butler. I just made one and it was so fast and easy i am making another. Blue with tiny white polka dots and khaki lining. It takes very little fabric so you could use anything from your stash. I am hooked.

  2. Cute top! I think it looks good with the tank under. What about the wrap-dress-shortened-to-tunic idea you had? I liked that so much I bought a pattern & fabric (but haven’t made it yet). It is a great idea.

  3. I like the length, the bodice detail, and the scoop neck (it doesn’t look too low). Are the cuffs gathered? How would it look with a bit of flare in the sleeve? The colors are perfect with your hair.
    Ah heck, sew a ball gown! It’ll gobble up what, 7 or 8 yards of fabric? You *do* have lengths of 7 yards of taffeta or Shantung in your stash, right?
    DD and I bought a bunch of Vogue patterns in that recent sale (including a few ball gowns). She’s going to sew either V7969 (wafty tunic) or V8322 (princess seam blouse) next. I’m plugging away on the FLAK, in that determined must-finish mode.
    Fog again today, and over a thousand cormorants flying by in long lines across the inlet, skimming the water.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I have that pattern and now I have to make it. See what you have done? 🙂 I say make the pencil skirt. You need it. Isn’t it somehow always easier to find things to make that don’t use your stash?

  5. That carolyn is a weasel. I don’t know though. Maybe you’ll fall for it.
    Don’t get me wrong: you look cute in that. But there is something about that print that reminds me of mother’s family room curtains in the South City house.

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