Shrinky dinks

Shrinkydink2 So I’m pretty far on my Ariann sweater.  Pretty damn far.  I’d been steadily decreasing after joining sleeves to body and decided to count stitches between the markers to match apples to apples.  Well as you can imagine, I had differing numbers of stitches in sections that should have been the same.  Argh.

I decided that I’d rip down to the body/sleeve join and start anew.  It’s not really that much of a pain in order to get a symmetrical sweater.  So out comes the needle in ripping preparation.

I then had another idea.  I know, quit thinking – nothing but trouble.  How about trying the darn thing on to figure out if it’s really as SMALL as it looks.  Tried it on and almost cut off the circulation in my torso.  So here I am yanking on the body trying to simulate blocking, and muttering to myself "I got gauge – WTF!"

I may rip the whole thing out and start all over.  I don’t want a sweater this tight and don’t think blocking will be the miracle cure for which I’d hoped.  It’ll rest in the knitting basket and maybe tomorrow I should steam block it and try it on again.  For now, I’ll sulk.


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  1. I wish I had a brilliant suggestion, but I don’t. Extreme blocking can give you a couple inches, but you have to re-do it every time you wash the sweater and it never looks quite right (at least when I do it, it always looks like the sweater’s been slightly maimed). I guess I would try that before I would rip the whole thing up, but I suspect ultimately I’d end up ripping the whole thing. Sigh.

  2. Steam block it. With that lacy pattern, it might be fine. And if you made it bigger it might be saggy, so better to know that now before casting on version 2.
    Bummer, though.

  3. Oh no – it’s so annoying when that happens. I’d definitely try blocking the hell out of it first before ripping though, it’s worth a try!

  4. i believe blocking evens things out. but i don’t believe it ever makes the sweater into a wearable size if it’s not already.
    remember when leigh kept trying to block length into her rogue? and the yarn kept just shortening itself back up?

  5. Sorry.
    I just recently took the sweater I’m making for my husband out of the ‘bad knitting’ bag, frogged it and restarted it. It had been in there since August and I needed that time away to fall in love with that pattern and yarn again.
    Try Claudia’s suggestion first, though.

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