Submit to my will!

Ariann I thought before I’d rip out the whole shebang that is Ariann, I’d try a bit of steam to see what would happen.  I was heartened by seeing Nathania’s lovely Malabrigo version Ariann that she said was in need of blocking to make perfect.

Enter the steam iron with a full complement of water in the tank.  I pinned down the ribbing and steamed it flat because it was all curly wurly.  That worked.  I am using 100% wool cormo cross after all.  I steamed a bit more up from the bottom and tried it on.  I decided it was okay, it will be a "form fitting" look.  It’ll block out so I didn’t rip the whole thing.  Very restrained.  Debutante-like in fact.

So this odd photo at right depicts the lower 1/3 steamed and the rest just yanked and pinned closed, just to see if it was possible to close it.  It is.  I ripped back to the armpits and rejoined the sleeves to body so I can proceed with the raglan decreases CORRECTLY this time (so imagine that whole top bit gone now).  I’d previously found that decreasing for the raglan line while still adding YOs in the lace pattern without the corresponding decrease in pattern didn’t really work out so well.  No shit, you’re thinking.

Bottom line on this project, finish up the sweater and wet-block the holy crap out of it to get it to the right dimensions.  Keep the faith people.