Red scarf

1_1 I thought I’d take a little break from my regularly scheduled knitting regime of "me, me, all about me" and make a scarf for the Red Scarf Project, a great cause to support (right Norma!).

To this end, I rolled into Art Fibers for a quick looksee for some suitable red fiber.  Finding suitable fiber at Art Fibers is really no problem, isn’t it?  I fondled everything in the store twice and decied on this Satori in color #2.  It’s 69% silk, 25% superkid mohair and 6% extrafine wool.  2_1You can only imagine how lustrous the color is and how soft the fiber is.  Nothing but the finest for the kids.

The handy Art Fibers yarn info card said 2 skeins would make a scarf of adequate length, sold!  Satori is red with blackish bits, and that combo would make a nice unisex scarf for a kid (college age is a kid in my book).  I played with various stitches that wouldn’t be too fancy pants and fussy, if you’ll notice the scarves around the necks of the younger set, they’re mostly plain stockinette or garter and didn’t want to make a granny looking scarf.  I decided on the Multi Directional scarf pattern as a nice way to show off the slight color variations and be nice and simple looking.  So far I like the resulting fabric, so we may have a winner here.


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