Jammers I’ve finished my first pair of jammies for the season.  I made this pattern several years ago to replace my favorite jammers that were scandalous looking by the time I’d retired them.  These are a good approximation of the original – flannel and super comfy.

The material is a groovy floral and paisley 100% cotton flannel.  Joann’s is having a sale on flannel at present, so if you’re so inclined and have a store in the neighborhood, get over there.  I use a bit under 2.5 yards of 45" flannel and preshrink it.  There are no pockets and no drawstring.  Just comfy, plain and simple.

Okay, bed time!  Sweet dreams.


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  1. Gots to love me some Paisley. Were you channelling MC Hammer – the pjs have a very “Hammer Time” vibe? Forgive me – I’m an 80’s child! πŸ˜€

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