Decidedly Undecided

Ariann1_2 I’ve decided to finish Ariann and am now undecided about my result.

To recap the saga of the knittin’, I noticed during the knit-up that my sweater was looking small-ish.  I was unsure whether to rip at that point to continue on and block it out and see what’s shaking.  I wet blocked (no strenuous pinning and pulling) and sewed on buttons from the stash and this is the result.

It’s super soft (it is cormo yarn afterall) and I like the design, I just think it’s kinda tight.  The buttons must also think it’s kinda tight, since they’re doing all the work across the boobages (aka titones).  I’ll wear it a bit and see how it stretches.  If I can’t get into the fit, I’ll rip it out and make it a size larger.