Redheads and red scarves

Scarfonchair2 My knitting doesn’t usually extend to worthy causes.  Rightly or wrongly, my crafty endeavors are all about me.  Other than an over-the-top Halloween costume for the cutest kid in So. Cal, that is.

BUT, I couldn’t resist the winning combination of the Red Scarf project and Norma.  Singly both are wonderful and together they overcame my innate self-craft-absorption.  Having decided to knit a red scarf, I decided to go yummy (kind of like "go big" but on a fiber level).  As far as I’m concerned, yummy fiber equals Art Fibers.  A trip to this den of iniquity yielded two lovely skeins of Satori in a red and black colorway.  Satori has the luminosity of silk and the softness of "super" kid mohair.  Nothing but the best for my "college kid".

The pattern I chose was one I’d made before and thoroughly enjoyed.  It’s the Multi-directional Scarf Pattern found on the internets.  It’s alot of knitting bang for your buck.  I can heartily recommend it, especially for striping and variegated yarns.

I’m pleased with the result and hope my college student will be too.  I plan on adding a gift card or two so the kid can get a treat and mail it off in January when they’re set up to receive scarves.  If this sounds like something you’d like to do, get to it!  You’ve got ’til January and let’s face it, if I can do it, so can you.  It’s the little things that can mean so much…Don’t worry, I’m not getting sappy – it’s the Shiraz or the PMS – take your pick.  Cheers!


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  1. Shiraz. definitely the Shiraz. Last night for me it was the Merlot. AND the Christmas card I got from the staff at the Orphan Foundation. So I cast on, while under the influence, another scarf.
    Thank you so much, Sil. You are a doll. (and don’t forget all the yarn you’ve sent me over the years for the Dulaan Project….or are we supposed to be believing that you are an all-about-YOU knitter? Oops, I spilled your secret…)

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