Sweater hijinks

Vex1 The Malabrigo is in the building.

After finishing (for now) my Ariann I thought I’d get back to figuring out what to do with the beautiful Malabrigo I’d bought at the opening of Nathania’s (and friends’) knit shop Purlescence.  I’d tried a few things like a Zimmerman-esque seamless hybrid saddle shoulder sweater (catchy little name) but kept getting pooling.  I tried alternating skeins but that was a huge pain in the arse.

I swatched a few more things before I came across this Vex pattern by SaunShine.  I’d been thinking of doing something with ribbing and have a graduated line of ribbing, and this lovely pattern took that idea a step further by adding the travelling band on top of the ribbing.  Very cute and easy to do.  Perfect relaxation knitting.  As you can see the back is going very quickly.  If it wasn’t so curly and in need of some steam blocking, you’d see I’ve just cast off for the armholes.

I do plan on making a few changes to the pattern.  First off I’ll make it a cardigan.  Of course.  I like the cardies don’t I?  I’m also not big on having stuff around my neck so the neckline will change.  No plan for that yet.  I’m thinking of making it a zippy sweater with some simple edging at center front (i-cord?).

So that’s the "plan", we’ll see how it shakes out.