Who doesn’t like a cardie?

Vexback My Vex cardie is moving right along, despite having to be slotted into available crafting time between pairs flannel PJs meant for presents.

The pattern is pretty darn straight forward, and the pointy cable bit keeps me wanting to "do one more row" just so I can see it move along.  (That sounds like I’m a touch simple minded doesn’t it?  Oh well – guilty as charged.)  I’ve even cast on for the right front side and cardifying this pattern still seems like a good idea, as the math seems to be working out fine.  BTW, the "math" of which I speak involved dividing the back stitch count in half and adding a CF edge stitch.  Simple minded again…hmm.

I’d predict this sweater will be done around Christmas, but that kind of talk immediately puts the kibosh on my "predictions".

I also picked up a little bit of craft bead wire to MAYBE make these Venezia napkin rings from Knitty.  I’ve got a few beads lying around and thought it would be nice to find a use for them, since I’ve never actually made any of the jewelry I’d planned.  I don’t know when I’ll find the time, but I love that knitted wire look.  I guess that wouldn’t be a good travel project on an airplane, what with all the sharp bits.


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  1. That cardie is going to be so cute! BTW, I found such nice fabric at JoAnn’s to make PJs for gifts as well. My daughters will be shocked since I haven’t sewn in so long, it will be a real surprise thanks to your good idea.

  2. Sometimes simple is just the way to go. I tend to get in more trouble trying to make things complicated than if I just go with simple. Keep it Simple Stupid isn’t just catchy, it works. I love the napkin rings, but finding time is always so challenging.

  3. I like simple, myself. 🙂
    And those Venezia napkin rings are super super fast. Try it, you’ll like it (and be totally hooked! bwahahahahahaha). 😉

  4. Beware of the knitting/crocheting with wire beast! It is superfast, fun, addicting, and you end up with a bead stash! (and yes the cat playing soccer with lost beads in the middle of the night)

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